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Toy-Sack Traditional Santa Claus Doll
System Code #900020
This special hand-sculpted and crafted Traditional Santa Claus doll is dressed in a hand sewn/designed traditional North American red velvet suit trimmed with white rabbit fur trim. His specially sculpted hands are grasping his special sack of toys, which he is getting ready to unload under the tree. Inside his sack are hand-painted and hand-sew toys that will please every boy and girl. He stands approximately 17" tall and will look brilliant on any mantel. His jolly expression will certainly charm all those special holiday guests and will warm your heart.
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Toy-Sack Santa
Toy-Sack Santa
Toy-Sack Santa

Toy-Sack Santa
Features Of This Santa
Price: $179.00 Order Now Hands: Hand-Sculpted
Face: Hand-Sculpted Hair: Wool Roving
Body: Muslin Stand: Pine
Clothes: Red Velvet/Rabbit Trim Size: 17"

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